About Us

We are a local clinic based in Lower Hutt city central and our staff have been caring for the holistic health of the local community for the last 15+ years. The Traditional Chinese Medicinal (T.C.M) services we provide are natural healing methods that can help you avoid the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. In T.C.M. we don’t aim supress the symptoms but more to address the cause by balancing out your body and to aid in a natural recovery.



“I just want to say thank you to Kelvin for my treatment yesterday afternoon. I had the best night sleep and feel a million dollars and the swelling in my knee has gone way down and I was able to walk this morning properly. Thank you!!!!”


"... I am privileged to be a weekly client as they treat me for numerous ailments and have experienced astounding results because of this treatment. For many years I have not felt as well as I do now. ...In our society today it is so nice to find medical professionals who take time to listen to their clients and who seem prepared to do more than they would perhaps be expected to, and who, above all, get the expected results to having a much healthier client. The 'human' factor is so important in medicine and Yiqun Huang has this wonderful gift in abundance. ..."